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Technium CAST, Bangor

Knowtra was established in 2007 by Dr Steve Spall. Having spent 14 years working with computer simulations of weather, ocean and climate, Steve set up Knowtra to make environmental knowledge accessible and relevant for business needs.

Knowtra's philosophy is to employ cutting edge web and Information Technology solutions to deliver the environmental information business needs to operate efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Knowtra is building a range of in-house skills, with expertise in environment, IT and the needs of the business end user. These skills are supplemented through close collaboration with organisations with complementary resources and capabilities.

Knowtra is based at the Centre for Advanced Software Technology (CAST), part of the Technium Wales network. Knowtra is applying the extensive knowledge, support and physical facilities at CAST to benefit its clients.

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What we offer

An example of data delivered through a trial Knowtra web portal

Knowtra offers a range of services around weather, oceans and climate

  • Expert consulting
  • Worldwide climatological information tailored for the user
  • Development of training courses and electronic training materials
  • Site specific oceanographic computer simulations
  • Web delivery of environmental information

Find out more about what Knowtra offers

Making contact

For a friendly, no obligation discussion of what Knowtra can do for your business, email enquiries@knowtra.com or contact us by phone or post.

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